New Findings For 5G Rollout by Verizon

Patents for 5G, 2G and 3G continue to dominate the mobile technology market. Almost any smart phone or tablet will come equipped with some amount of GPS technology. That’s because the systems use the same techniques for positioning, mapping and timing that the satellite navigation systems employ. So, patents for 5G, 2G and 3G are about to become technology and business leaders.

However, any successful company that owns 5G patents will become major technology and business leaders. Any successful company that owns 5G patents can ask for royalties from an installer while that will certainly create a profitable niche for holders of these patents, it would be an ethical and legal issue for installers, since the technology is so new there is a possibility they could be legally liable if they do not follow proper procedures and install devices in a proper fashion. Additionally, there are possible concerns with the privacy of individuals using 5G technology. In the current state of the art of GPS and mapping, who wants to give away their exclusive rights? If there is a significant amount of cash involved in purchasing the rights then there will certainly be questions about intellectual property rights and corporate secrets. These are all valid concerns for any smart phone owner.

Just to take one company, Apple has the most number of declared 5G technology patents. They are also the top companies with the most number of assigned patents. Apple has also claimed the most number of patents for other related technologies including iptions, i-phones, computers, iPods and Watches. While other companies that have created related products have issued Ce patents without needing an authorized license from the USPTO, they cannot compare to the millions of references Apple has made in the patent office alone.

A recent article by Digital Trends claimed that there will be an increase in litigation related to patents for 5G technology. Specifically, they were expecting more lawsuits related to the specification related to the technology. This speculations is based on the fact that the USPTO has been criticized for not releasing adequate information regarding the standards before the release of the standard essential patents.

In contrast, Verizon Communications have released a white paper for the release of 5G technology in the future. They have indicated that they expect the specification to be released in either fall of Q3 or Q4 of this year. The white paper does indicate some of the key points related to the specification. They claim that they will offer users wireless broadband at a much faster speed and at a much higher quality. In addition, they also plan to enable over two hundred currencies to work with the technology on a global scale.

Currently, Verizon has issued several patents related to the 5G technology. One patent allows Verizon to use unlicensed radiators on their phones. Another one issued on the same day indicates that the company is planning to allow downloading of media from a GPRS enabled device to a device which uses Verizon’s air interface. The other patents are mainly related to the connection of devices with the unlicensed base stations as well as the handling of multimedia. There is no clear indication whether any of these technological specifications will be approved for implementation in the field.

The company has issued four new findings relating to the 5G technology. These new findings cover areas like control and diagnostics, software and hardware updates, power density and scalability with reference to the future telecommunications system. In addition, the company has released several technical specification sheets related to the different components of the technology.

The release of these new findings by Verizon further cements the claim that the company is serious about rolling out the new technology in the country. One analyst even went as far as saying that the release of the 3gPP is not a big surprise since the company has been working on the etsi initiative for several months now. It is expected that the company would roll out the new standards in the coming months as it looks to be an initiative that will have a significant bearing on the company’s future profits.